Yuri Curtis is the principal consultant & Head of User Experience Design at Curtis Consulting. As a leader he provides the rare blend of creative and the administrative, merging the technical expertise with the soft skills necessary to manage UX design projects from inception to completion.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
Web & New Media – UX
Academy of Art University

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Marketing Management
University of Houston – Victoria


Curtis Consulting is a UX Design & Strategy consulting firm which serves as a subject matter expert focused on establishing the big picture vision of various projects by working in tandem with on-site design and development teams to ensure that the needs of the client are met. In this role research, gathering business requirements, managing and co-ordinating the project workflow among the assorted teams, interfacing with multiple stakeholders and presenting projects in client meetings on behalf of team members are essential tasks.

Active Disciplinary Areas


User Experience


User Interface


Mobile Web


Responsive Web


Graphic Design



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Use Flow Diagrams

Visualizing the interaction in order to communicate how a process works or should work.

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User Personas

Personas are an excellent tool for providing a quick reference of the User you're designing for.

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UX & UI: MAP App

Design workflow snippets from the Merchandising Analytics Portal application dashboard.

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Mobile Application Design

Design brief for a mobile application utilized to track client job orders and completion.


UX Design is a process that consists of several overlapping components all working in unison to craft a complete project. The job of a UX Designer is to oversee this process, from research to user testing, and everything in-between. At Curtis Consulting we oversee this process, working to facilitate the design and development of applications for desktop and mobile platforms.

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Served as co-lead on a cross-functional team tasked with updating and redesigning the interface for a database management system. The system consisted of several consoles, each needing to function as an individual unit as well as maintain a consistent navigational structure.


Curtis Consulting developed a design solution based around a contextual search which unified the consoles, providing a solution to the question of navigation and creating and environment in which the data returned could be manipulated and filtered for use in the relevant console based on user need. The design solution had to incorporate three dimensional (3-D) graphical elements which were essential in the interaction with the data.

Client: BP (British Petroleum)


Line Review Wizard

The Wal-Mart financial decision making tool needed to be updated and "modernized." The solution Curtis Consulting provided streamlined this process via a wizard and dashboard that took the review process from a months-long endeavor to one that could be completed within ten minutes. Implementing the wizard and dashboard reduced the time spent researching data, allowing the Users to improve their decision making by focusing on analyzing the data available.


Additionally, Curtis Consulting worked with the development team to design an interface that allows the client's internal buyers and external suppliers a real-time view of available products. This tool improved the supply chain between the company and the retailer, giving them reporting tools, a means of filtering products by brand name, sales or other metrics, and provided the ability to make purchase orders to re-supply store and warehouse locations.

Client: Wal-Mart


User Interface design is but one component in the UX Design process. While it is an important component of the process, far too often clients place form over function, resulting in a great looking product that typically doesn't meet the required performance standards.

Merchandising Analytics Portal

Curtis Consulting served as the lead UX designer managing the design and development team. Curtis Consulting oversaw the development and implementation of the M.A.P. web portal which was designed to serve as a hub and data repository for the various applications used throughout the company. This application allowed the user to view supply chain data at a high level and drill down deep into the numbers, allowing them to compare and report on buying, shipping, ordering, and the product inventory around the nation.

Client: Wal-Mart

UI Mockup Wal-Mart 1 UI Mockup Wal-Mart 2 UI Mockup Wal-Mart 3


Curtis Consulting served as one of three UX designers working with several developers on individual feature teams for the design and development of a 3-D modeling and data analysis application for reservoir engineers and geoscientists. The focus was on updating or designing new features to incorporate the capabilities of several existing modeling applications into one user interface.

Client: ExxonMobil


In addition to his experience as a UX Designer, Yuri is a fine artist, illustrator, graphic & web designer who possesses a range of experience designing for print and web. Curtis Consulting excels at working with clients to extract their vision from their mind in order to provide a real, usable solution for their needs.

Evolution By Design

The client was a small business award winner seeking to capitalize on the attention that comes with recognition. The solution was to design a new quarter page ad, brochure, and website design update. Using images that reflected the client's great interior design work and established logo, a unified theme was developed to showcase the client's business.




The Brief: Design a digital product that lets you easily create project proposals.

ProPosal is a digital tool that freelancers use to generate quotes for client work. They make it simple to provide quotes for jobs using modular templates that can be adapted to the required task, resulting in a clean, custom solution for the freelancer and the client.

Mockup01 Mockup02 Mockup03 Mockup04

THE TASK: The goal of this project was to design a user interface and experience that would make it easy for freelancers to generate custom proposals as quickly and effectively as possible. This task involved delivering wireframes of the experience, the achitecture outlining the process and a concept for design.